Instant Heart Rate Features

Health Tracking

Simple and convenient to use

Place your index finger on the camera lens of your smartphone and instantly receive your heart rate.

Orthostatic based StandUp Test

Understand the general strength of your heart with our quick 2 minute test. Simply record your heart rate for 1 minute while sitting, then 1 minute while standing. There are two main factors considered in this calculation: your heart’s resting heart rate, and your heart’s response to the process of standing up.

Algorithm / Research

Most accurate mobile heart rate app

The accuracy of our algorithm is comparable to results received from a traditional ECG heart rate monitor strap.

UCSF Health e-Heart Study

Instant Heart Rate was used to record the heart rate of nearly 70,000 individuals worldwide. UCSF used this data for their research in heart disease - the leading cause of death in the US.


Professional heart health reports

Your Instant Heart Rate report includes your bpm, waveform, notes, and tags to help identify trends in your heart.


Heart health education plan

Receive access to a 12 week plan that will teach you how to manage your heart health, diet, exercise and more. Lessons are at most 5 minutes per day and will ask you to regularly log your heart rate, blood pressure, and more.